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Terms of Service

By signing up for Connect Messaging, you accept our Privacy Policy below and agree to access and use our Services only for legal, authorized, and acceptable purposes. You must not use our Services in ways that:

Privacy Policy

Connect never tracks, analyzes or shares any of your private data.

We at Connect are strong advocates of data privacy. We have built Connect as an alternative messaging and photo sharing platform to keep your private life away from the traditional platforms.

When you signup or login with Connect, we require you to enter your name and phone number. Your phone number is only used as a login / authentication method when we send you the verification code by SMS. We store your phone number on our server in case you logout and re-login again.

Your name is also stored on our server so that we can tell your friends who you are when you invite them, message them or share posts on Connect.

As an option, you or your friends can also enter your birthday so that we can notify them by sharing a Post with them on your very special day. We only store the day and the month of your birthday, not the year, and therefore can't tell or share what your age is.

Messages you send to single recipients or groups are stored for 30 days and encrypted in such a way that we cannot decrypt and read them. Unless pinned by you or any recipient, all messages are then automatically and permanently deleted after 30 days.

Posts you share on Connect are stored for 14 days and then automatically and permanently deleted from our servers.

To support its main functionalities, Connect needs to keep a list of other users you are connected to (your friends), groups you are participating to, as well as basic technical information such as your phone's make, model and system version, the the country you are connected from, the main language of your device and the date/time of your last connection. Finally, we use Crashlytics and Google Analytics to anonymously understand how our app performs.